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Giving My Boy A Barbie

June 2, 2018

We need to have a chat!


I need to talk about gender stereotypes! 


Giving girls a barbie and boys a truck...


Invasive advertising, segregating girls and boys into pink or blue boxes...


Using phrases like "throws like a girl"...


Why can't we just let TOYS BE TOYS and once in a while have a girl who is the villain in the story and a girl being the one to rescue the guy from a burning building? 


When I was younger it's fair to say I had a few barbies! I loved dressing them up, brushing their hair (cutting their hair! awks), acting out fashion shows etc. etc. etc. etc. etc... My barbie also came with a Ken and I reflect on this with a smile on my face because Ken was a bit of a drip for my barbies and as soon as my brother was out of sight, she dumped him for an action man, haha! If I had known what I know now when I was 6 she would have dumped them both, got an education and bought herself her own jeep and a pair of louboutins! 


I am a feminist...


I am not a bra burning lesbian who doesn't shave her legs (aaaaaand, there's another stereotype!), apart from I don't shave my legs lol! Instead I am a woman who supports the rights and equality for BOTH men and women. 

I often wonder why men are still being paid more than women and believe we still adhere to an oppressive system that is unjust! 

Teddy is almost 8 months old and the expectation is that he will play football like his dad, watch football, wear football, talk football, sleep football blah blah blah! But what would happen if he wanted to dance around in a pink tutu? What if he grew up in a world where boys weren't expected to play with trucks and be "strong" or dress in a certain way? What if he grew up in a world where his interests where just that... HIS interests.  What if he had the space to explore anything that makes his imagination go wild.  What if he grew up in a world where men and women were equal? 


While having a debate on this subject a few weeks ago I was asked "but would you buy a girl a truck!?" My reply was OF COURSE I WOULD BUY A GIRL A TRUCK! I would also give my boy a barbie if he wanted one! I hope that I will be able to bring him up to respect everyone no matter what their gender. To not feel limited by his gender because boys can't be ballet dancers and girls can't work in construction! To be caring, to show his emotions, to express love, compassion and fight for what he believes in. 


We are all equally capable, equally valuable, equally brilliant and fascinating. Gender shouldn't create limitations and I feel responsible as a mother and as a woman to raise my child to change the world for the better! 


Peace and love, 


Laura x



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