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Life Begins At Baby

March 11, 2018

How did I get here? 


I’m standing naked holding a crying baby with sick in my hair, clenching and trying not to sneeze so I don't wet myself. 


While I was pregnant I dreamt of my house smelling like a baby powder Yankee Candle, cradling a sleeping baby in a rocking chair and looking down at him in pure heavenly bliss just like the glossy pages of a magazine... LOL


As soon as you tell the world that you're pregnant, people around you seem to lose the ability to filter between brain to mouth and just tell you exactly what they are thinking! I seriously lost count how many people  said "Are you sure you're not having twins!?” and “But you’re soooooo big!".


You will also hear that your life will never be the same again, you'll never go out, you'll be in your pyjamas all day and you'll never lose the baby weight because their kids are 18 and they still haven't lost theirs! My absolute favourite is "Just you wait until”…


“Until you're 30 weeks and then you'll know what tired feels like”


“Until you're pushing him out then you'll know about real pain”


“Until he's here and you won't have any time for yourselves”


Don't have children if all you're going to do is whine on about how horrendous your life is now you have them! 


Having said that, motherhood has not all been sparkles, glitter, sunshine, smiles and rainbows…


It’s fair to say our world has been rocked, turned upside down even! Just when you think you're nailing parenting you're reminded by the screams at 2am that you are not! As a couple we don't go out as often, we have a lot less money, space, sleep and time together! They were right, our lives will never be the same again!


Everything about our lives has changed.


For the BETTER.


In spite of all of the challenges and sleepless nights we are better human beings!


My time alone with my Husband is more precious. I'm closer to my family now more than ever.  I push myself to be better even at the small things! Even the taste of a cold G&T is better! Ahhhhh! 


I have become so tired of the misery and negativity attached to having a baby and the idea that you must sacrifice your old life in order to create another. My life has only just begun. I love my baby so much and he loves me and he thinks I'm hilarious! His laugh is so addictive! I’ve made so many new friends.  I get so much done! It’s amazing what I can now get done in a spare 20 minutes! I finally have love and respect for my body and we know and appreciate how lucky we are because we built a family! 


Wanting to share my own honest experiences of motherhood, share ideas and inspire women to be body positive, Life Begins At Baby was born! Thank you for taking the time out to visit my tiny slice of the Internet. 


To all you yummy mummies

Happy Mothers Day


Peace and love


Laura x

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