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3 Steps to Your Pre-Baby Body

March 11, 2018

Step 1 - Starve Yourself 


Yep, starving yourself is definitely the way to go for bouncing back into those super skinnies. Right?




Listen! You're not alone in wanting to get back to your pre baby weight as soon as possible! We all feel it.  There won't be a mother walking the planet that doesn't gaze at pictures of herself back before baby and thinks, "I would give anything to look like that again!". The funniest thing is, you probably look back and remember thinking you looked fat then! It’s hard for us women! Our bodies change and we have very little control over it. Our hips, hands feet and butt expand over the 9 months it takes to cook our little munchkins and when we pop them out we are left with jelly belly and stretch marks! It took a whole 9 months to grow them and so I would say as a rule give yourself at least that to get back to normal again!



You'll never get your pre-baby body back because guess what, your body will always be post baby! Embrace the changes, be healthy and live! 


 Look forward not behind...


When you starve yourself you will lose weight initially.  This is because you take in less calories and your body feeds itself from inside. What sounds like a quick fix has some long lasting damaging effects.  Your metabolism will ultimately slow down which means it burns fewer calories. When you're in this starvation mode as soon as you start to eat normally again the body retains the calories as it’s not sure where its next meal is coming from, resulting in you piling it all back on!


I’ve been there and done it and apart from it only being a quick fix it makes you a total bitch! I am seriously hangry when unfed and unwatered! It stops you from sleeping, it makes your breath smell and it’s not worth the cramps and dizziness just for a temporary solution.


Step 2 - Stay Indoors 


Stay in, don't eat out, stop drinking and stop having fun!




Even science is telling us to go out and have fun! 

Socialising provides a lot of mental and physical health benefits.  Research shows that it can make you live longer, enjoy better physical and mental health and even lower your risk of dementia.  


After birth some Mums and Dads can suffer from something called postnatal depression, which happens after childbirth. There are many triggers, which can be from hormonal changes, psychological adjustment to parenthood and tiredness. Some of the treatments recommended by the NHS include talking to friends and family, looking after yourself by eating a healthy balanced diet and exercising regularly. You may not be suffering from postnatal depression as such but isolating yourself with a small baby can be lonely, and according to the Calm Clinic, can still lead to anxiety. 


If you feel as though you want to boost your social interaction but can't get out the house, why not use Skype or Face Time to connect to friends and family. If you can get out and about, join a local Mum and baby class! A quick Google search and you'll be on your way. 


Eating out is both fun and sociable but if you're trying to lose weight and be healthy you automatically associate eating out with unhealthy food and over eating! But it doesn't have to be.  Make a plan. Look into the different meal options at different restaurants, most of the time you will find menus online. Make some healthier substitutes. Order a filling salad with some light dressing or roasted veggies instead of fries. Potion control. When you eat out somewhere usually the amount of food that is provided could easily be for two people! Eat until you are full. Or... you could just bloody treat yourself once in a while! But if you do, it needs to be a treat and don't spend days beating yourself up about it otherwise what’s the point!





Getting drunk every weekend probably isn't the best idea for your physical and mental health but having a drink every now and then is not only sociable and fun, it has some health benefits too! YEP, YOU HEARD ME! 


According to science, it can lower your risk of cardio vascular disease, lengthen your life, increase libido, prevent against the common cold, decrease your chance of developing dementia, reduce risk of gallstones and lower the chance of diabetes. 


Thanks Science!




Step 3 - Be Ashamed of Your Body


I love my body, it’s perfect, and I wouldn't change a single thing about it, SAID NO WOMAN EVER! 


I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember! I’ve been up and down and up and down, I feel like I've been on a diet my whole life! I hated myself! I would look in the mirror and think "you fat bitch!". I would call myself a whale or a pig. I was emotionally abusing myself on a daily basis. I would avoid seeing people or cancel plans with people if I was feeling like a "fatty" and stay in and drown my sorrows in a stuffed crust pizza served with a side of guilt, shame and more self hate! And so the cycle would continue! 


FML, it was exhausting! 


I am happier with my body now more than I ever have been.  I would be obsessed with what I was eating and drinking and I even threw up and starved myself to lose weight! I was skinny but desperately unhappy and so couldn't even enjoy it anyway!






There is ton of pressure on us to bounce back after childbirth and it’s really annoying! You know damn sure that even Kylie Jenner has just had to do the Jelly belly tuck into her jeans after birth! Nobody bounces back straight away and the celebrities that do sooner than us have nannies, chefs and personal trainers! 


Only after pregnancy and gaining a whopping 5 stone did I look at myself and think, “You are incredible!” I had just grown a tiny human in my womb for 9 months, gone through labour and birthed the most perfect little boy in the whole world! 


I have stretch marks, my boobs point a little further south, my hips are wider, my ass is bigger and I have an extra chin! But who gives a F! Of course I want to be a healthy weight and I'm over half way towards achieving my goal but I'm not in a hurry! I'm not in a hurry because I have accepted my body and I have accepted my body because of what I witnessed it was capable of! Stop comparing yourself to these polished, edited insta-mummies! They probably have Facetune, a great filter and feel just as self-conscious as you do! There are a lot of unrealistic images out there these days! This fake perception of perfection is so damaging.  Be patient with yourself and stop to take a look at your lil baba!




Fill your body with nutritious food and exercise to feel good and not for a number! My weight can change in the space of a day depending on the amount of food I've eaten, what time of day it is and how active I've been! Feel good in your own skin. This is when it becomes part of your lifestyle and not a starvation mission! 


You might want to get back into that little black dress or your pre baby skinny jeans but do it with a bit of appreciation and respect for yourself! You only get one body and one life! Lets stop shaming ourselves and stop measuring our successes on the scales! 


If you wouldn't like someone else calling you a fat pig, don't call yourself one! 


Peace and love,


Laura x








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