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I'm Laura.  I live in Northumberland with my Husband Lee, my dog Addi and my baby bear, Teddy! I'm a first timer at this mummy business and quite honestly I'm winging it! But isn't everyone? And so Ive jumped aboard the Mummy blog train in hope to share ideas and thoughts with other like-minded Women. 

I am here taking my tiny slice of the internet to share my journey, inspire body positivity and empower women to embrace the good the bad and the stinky sides to motherhood and to have a laugh along the way!

I love working out, cooking, catching up with friends, shopping, travelling and makeup! 

None of that has changed because I've had a baby! You've just got to get creative! 

I dislike noisy eaters and slow walkers! 

I hope that this blog adds a little goodness to your internet web browsing and that you will enjoy joining me on my journey!

Do it like a Mother...

Peace and Love

Laura x


Advice      Ideas     Inspiration

Hey I'm Laura, I like tattoos, Gin and finishing cups of coffee.

I am a "Mum in training" trying to figure things out just like everyone else! This is my journey as a first timer learning to embrace the changes of my body, social life and relationships. 

Fed up of being told that life is over with a baby, I'm here to share that Life Begins At Baby and so the blog was born! 


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A monthly feature with industry leading advice from people I can't get enough of! 


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